Staging and Integration

Staging and Integration: The Last Step in Your Modernization Process

Deployments are usually a finite project with a start and an end. While most organizations invest in-house to develop the solution to be deployed, they usually do not have the permanent resources to be able to execute  the staging and integration of the final solution at the speed they need to implement it, or the expertise  to plan and manage a deployment.

The first step to a successful deployment is a smooth-running logistics operation. This operation must manage:

  • the material planning, procurement and inventory of stock
  • the scheduling of work according to customers delivery dates
  • the hardware integration
  • the software imaging, customization and testing
  • custom packing
  • cross-country delivery of the staged systems to the final location for installation at the exact date and time customers require it to support their business goals.

Technology solutions often incorporate software and hardware components from several, if not many individual suppliers. Netsync understands this environment intimately and provides multi-vendor integration services to dozens of customers whose systems depend on components from many sources.

Netsync ensures that the logistic activities are managed hand-in-hand with the deployment project team to confirm the timely and coordinated shipment of product to meet agreed schedules. We work together with our customers to find the correct balance of standardized processes and best practices and at the same time we remain flexible enough to customize our service to each of our customer specific requirements. 

Netsync recognizes that each customer’s staging and integration requirements are unique. Our comprehensive logistics services of warehousing, integration, imaging, and customization with customer delivery, when coupled with our Project Management, Installation and optional Wiring Services, Netsync provides a genuine single vendor to manage all your needs from procurement to installation, test and turnover of any technology solution or desktop deployment, at the same time minimizing risk throughout your enterprise.  To do this, Netsync maintains more than 90,000 square feet of warehouse space  over six centrally-situated locations in the United States and abroad, with more coming soon.

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