Dark/Lit Fiber Services

Dark/Lit Fiber Services: Which One is Right for You?

Providing fiber networks for public sector, enterprise clients, and service providers, Netsync handles dark/lit fiber services from greenfield installs to the critical replacement of legacy networks. With a national focus, we bring turnkey solutions to our clients, working with partners like Cisco, HBK Engineering, and QTS Data Centers.

Netsync works with both lit (fiber that is currently in use carrying an optical signal) and dark (fiber that is not in use, and has no optical signal running through it) to best serve each customer’s needs. Whether you’re a small business with modest data needs, or a multinational corporation with satellite offices all around the globe that require connectivity, Netsync can help you decide which option is best for you.

In 2016, Irish scientists working at Trinity College Dublin discovered a new form of light – in which the angular momentum of each photon is only half of what is expected – that could enable fiber-optic communication lines to move data at a rate of 400Gb per second through a single channel, well exceeding the 100Gb speed which is the currently standard.”


These dark/lit fiber optic services look to the future with the deployment of the quickly approaching 5G protocol and smart cities IoT technologies. They will fundamentally transform urban life based on their ability to share data quickly and easily in order to improve services, increase local efficiencies, and raise overall quality of life. Considered in this way, fiber, the only data transfer agent capable of providing the bandwidth and speed these initiatives require, is also future-proofing networks nationwide.

To find out more about Netsync’s dark/light fiber services, please contact us at sales@netsync.com.

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