Maintenance Services

A Cost-Effective Way to Make Sure Technology Maintenance Services are Available When Needed

As the digital transformation of business continues, the ongoing convergence of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) is fundamentally reshaping industrial processes and changing old-fashioned industrial organizations into truly modern digital enterprises. To support this radical change, advanced technologies are being deployed in large industries to enhance the scalability, quality, effectiveness and cost-efficiency of important processes. One of the trends emerging from this transformation is a new maintenance services paradigm based in the cloud.

The ability to collect and process large volumes of maintenance data in a cloud environment can enhance maintenance capabilities and services. Such services are typically provided for specific machinery or equipment and include:

  • Predicting the lifecycle of a particular product or providing insights on the best time for maintenance.
  • Providing context-aware information about service maintenance, including manuals, videos, VR representations and interactive support.
  • Configuring on-prem based IT and business information systems on the results of the analysis.
  • Providing in-depth statistics and reports about the operation of the machine.

All these services can be delivered on-demand, when, where and as they are needed. This has given rise to an entirely new kind of industrial maintenance, known as “Maintenance-as-a-Service,” in which a vendor charges the client based on actual maintenance performed, rather than a flat fee, as would be the norm in a traditional maintenance contract.

Netsync’s Maintenance Services option is perfect for small to medium businesses who do not entirely depend upon high-level computer hardware and software for their daily business activities, but still want an added layer of protection against breakage, hardware failure, etc. As part of that service, you’ll be provided with a dedicated consultant to manage:

  • Reviewing the process of inventory and maintenance management
  • Analyzing inventory reports
  • Recommending appropriate service levels based on specific environments
  • Developing long-term plans to address additions, changes and credits based on real-time reporting
  • Overseeing your devices, and planning for end-of-life for all of them


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