End-User Compute

Delivering the Best Environment for End-User Compute

The proliferation of devices, coupled with increasing end-user expectations, will require many organizations to reevaluate their end-user and endpoint management practices to better serve their employees and customers in the digital enterprise. Netsync’s End-User Compute services provide secure and reliable computing environments, allowing businesses to more effectively use their staff and available resources.

With Netsync’s End-User Compute services, you can bring the full digital workspace to life for your organization by looking holistically at the breadth of the end-user experience and considering all the systems required to accomplish daily tasks, including access strategies for both remote and on-prem workers. This allows for the consolidation of all needed systems into a single platform that delivers a better user experience. The result is increased efficiency, greater user satisfaction, and unlimited future growth without disruption.

The End-User Compute Service Team can:

  • Reduce downtime: Fixing issues quickly when a computer or other device experiences a problem.
  • Secure remote access: Providing strict control over access to your systems to ensure their security.
  • Support Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD): Enabling organizations to embrace BYOD policies by ensuring applications are available across a range of devices.
  • Enable a modern workplace: Allowing anytime, anywhere access to your systems from any device.
  • Provide flexible working solutions: Decoupling applications and data from the device or legacy EUC to deliver a secure and consistent experience.
Olympus: Safety and Security Solution

Olympus: Safety and Security Solution

Orange Unified School District and Netsync Deliver Software Applications to Remote Students

Orange Unified School District and Netsync Deliver Software Applications to Remote Students

Orange USD worked with Netsync to develop an Amazon AppStream 2.0 infrastructure in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to ensure the delivery of these high-performance applications continue to all students.

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