State and Local Government

Full-Scale Deployments and Technology Lifecycle Management for State and Local Governments

From deploying end-user and teleconferencing devices for civic departments to reinforcing wireless communications and cloud-based storage infrastructures for entire state agencies, Netsync supplies state and local government entities with durable, futureproof solutions that support enhanced collaboration and operational flexibility.

Netsync works with state and local governments to implement networking and unified communications solutions that improve efficiencies and deliver more reliable services to employees and taxpayers.”

While organizations and agencies that rely on government funding benefit from the same technologies and tools as growing enterprises, Netsync understands the inherent challenges they face and the unique procurement processes they’re required to follow.

We can assess existing infrastructures and technologies and design the optimal solution for securing sustainable performance without losing sight of the constraints and stringent requirements that often govern public projects. 

Texas Region 11 Leans on Netsync for Scalable Internet Service

Texas Region 11 Leans on Netsync for Scalable Internet Service

Dozens of School Districts Shrink Costs While Rightsizing Access  Fast, reliable Internet access is critical for connecting students, teachers and staff. No teaching tool is more crucial for education, but it can be expensive. Traditional models for Internet services strain IT budgets and funnel taxpayer money into legacy providers.  Stretching from Little Elm in the…

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